Fragrance: Gucci memoire d’une odeur

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There should be a coming of age movie centered around  Sephora. As a teenage girl when I was first experimenting with makeup and the atrocities of colorful, glittery eye shadow, Sephora was my playground. As a broke college student, Sephora used to be my first stop before a night out with friends. We would create magic by using their testers, my friends and I would go in looking basic and come out with a full beat face while smelling like a million different flowers.  This summer when I found myself in Serbia with a lost suitcase my first thought was to go shopping for new makeup product in a city of 0.09% black population (ok I made that number up but trust me very little black people) again Sephora came to the rescue and I was able to get my foundation shade.

IMG_4931 2

Lately what has been most impressive is Sephora’s growing perfume collection. My perfume collection used to be citrus sprays,  heavily scented lotions and whatever samples I manage to scavenge from magazines but as my mom always says, adulthood  is knowing what scent favors your natural scent and creating your personal collection. Now that I’m entering my 30’s my collection is quickly growing and maturing and the latest addition to it is Gucci memoire d’une odeur :A new scent by Gucci, a beautiful mix of Roman chamomile, coral jasmine and vanilla.  And perhaps to get with the revolutionary times, Gucci memoire d’une odeur is genderless.

How great is that? The same way I frequently buy men’s suits, I’ve always navigated towards stronger scents especially when it comes to deodorants. Something I’ve never stepped back to think of  is how we are expected to wear certain scent based on our gender.  In addition to growing my own collection I think this perfume has the potential to be the ultimate winner for gift giving.

I’m not saying you should go out and buy it, I’m simply saying you should go out and buy it. But if your in doubt, Sephora to the rescue, stop by your local store to give it a sniff and take a sample home, you can thank me later.

Mama Cax


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