La Mer Little Luxuries

Being a model and traveling a lot can take a toll on my skin. My absolute favorite thing to do is coming back home to a revitalizing  skin care routine that repairs and keeps my skin healthy. With the price tag that comes with many luxury skin care product, are they worth it? I’m very selective with the kind of moisturizer I use. and if that’s not enough to convince you, the proof is in La Mer’s renewal oil: the perfect formula to hydrate your skin without leaving it greasy, but also having it penetrate your skin to nourish it without causing breakouts. After testing La Mer for nearly 3 weeks: from cleansing foam, moisturizer to renewal oil here is my review of La Mer’s little luxuries.

 La Mer Little Luxuries is for anyone:

-Who wants to try out La Mer products for the first time

-Wants to buy a La Mer regime at a lower cost

-Who travels a lot and needs great travel size products

How much more affordable are these products? and what are the benefits?

The Cleansing Foam $25 vs $95  : removes excess oil without drying the skin, this product is perfect if you have dry skin.

The Treatment Lotion$105 vs $155  : fast-absorbing liquid lotion to give an instant hydration, I apply this right after washing my face.

The Concentrate $190 vs $370-$490: this is usually my third step and it leaves the skin extremely soft and evens out your skin texture.

The Moisturizing Cream $90 vs $180-$335 : my finally step is the cream which is very rich and makes the skin look radiant.

La Mer little luxuries collection offers great quality products at a more affordable option and is perfect for those who you don’t want to invest in the larger bottles just yet.




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