The next big things coming to Sephora!


It goes without saying, Sephora is one of my favorite stores; with locations all over the world, in the past 4 months I’ve been to Sephora  in : L.A, NYC, Belgrade, Milan and Venice. It has been a life savior when I’ve forgotten my makeup while traveling and my number one spot to shop for gifts. As your Sephora beauty guru, I present to you the next big things coming to Sephora this month

  1. Eye Mask

Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask from Glow recipe : this will help moisturize and helps with the look of puffiness under your eyes and fight the appearance of fine lines. With a rich creamy texture, this eye mask is meant to be applied after cleansing nightly. apply a pea-sized amount to the area around your eye and gently massage. I have very sensitive skin and tend to stay away from retinol products as they often irritate my skin but this eye mask is gentle on the skin and if you decide to wear it during the day simply apply a layer of your favorite SPF over the mask.


2. Glow Hunty!

Patrick Ta’s major glow setting fan is for all my beauties who deem themselves extra. you can use it to speed dry your eyeliner, your setting mist or the Patrick Ta Highlight Mist  to create some major highlight on the cheekbone or collarbone. and of course  you can use it as an actual fan. Très functional and très stylish!!

You can find both products at Sephora. 😉

-Mama Cax


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