CurlFest 2016

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Photo by Mama Cax

CurlFest is a Natural Hair festival hosted by Curly Girl Collective. They aim to empower women who choose to rock their natural hair by providing a free spirited & joyous space to do so . The festival showcased different hair product vendors and even had stylist on set to style some of the amazing women present.

The festival was hosted at Prospect Park making it easily accessible by public transportation. With strollers or a wheelchair the uneven ground can be challenging but it’s easy to find a nice flat area  on the grass and enjoy the festival picnic style.

This was my very first time attending. I walked through Prospect Park and immediately spotted women with fros, like the yellow brick road guided Dorothy, I followed the fros and the music to the festival.

Being a bald woman, I definitely stood out and initially questioned my own presence. All types of people were here to rock their long hair, short hair, curls, fros,locs, braids, beards and in my case shaved head

As much as I hear about black women being obsessed with hair and valuing hair too much, this festival was not just about hair. It was about celebrating sisterhood and supporting each other. In a society that tries to conform everyone to one beauty standard, more women of afro descent find themselves straightening their hair and some not by choice but to fit in or to get through a job interview.

More than anything, CurlFest is a celebration of those who swim against the current.

Their skins absorb the sun’s rays and their hair defy gravity. You can’t tell me they’re not magic.

-Mama Cax

Photos by Mama Cax & Paola Mathé


5 thoughts on “CurlFest 2016

  1. too pretty, you look too cute. I have an odd question. I’ve always thought that tattoos on darker skin like ours, look washed out. On most i’ve met, it just fades and looks weird. But that is until I saw yours. This is weird, but did you get it done the traditional way, or idk, it looks very detailed and stuff.

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