Thrift shopping in Nice, France


Anyone who knows me well, will tell you that I hate shopping. I like buying clothes but the idea of ravaging through a whole store, trying things on then waiting to pay just isn’t for me. Thrift shopping can be a different story, although not always pleasant, if you stumble upon a great thrift shop, you won’t have to do much digging to find a gem. I try to stay away from vintage shops as they tend to be more expensive.

A friend of mine in Nice bought a really cool jacket at a vintage shop called Bozar so I looked them up on Instagram and I wasn’t very convinced, from the pictures it seems like they only sell male clothing and gives the feeling that it would be one of those shops where you need to do lots of digging. I was on my explorer mood so I took a leap of faith and visited their shop and I could not have been happier.

It’s quite easy to get to Bozar, simply take the tram  heading to Henri Sappia, get off at Jean Medecin  and it will be a 6 min walk from the stop.


I wouldn’t call this place cheap but you are sure to find some affordable treasures. What instantly caught my eye is a pile of  converses in great condition for less than 40 bucks each. The shop has an enormous collection on 80’s jean jackets, colorful culottes and cute loafers that you’d probably only find in your grandma’s closet. The shop is well organized and small enough to not overwhelm you. To top of the sopping experience they have a dope music playlist, so while drowning in  some Lauren Hill I bought the perfect green high top converse and a nice pair of sun glasses (which I will show you guys in a later style post). Felt like I took a turn and landed in Bushwick, Brooklyn.


2 thoughts on “Thrift shopping in Nice, France

  1. Yahh, I hate shopping but something about thrifting skyrockets my adrenaline.I started toward the end of 12th grade.I never had clothes , like a couple of pants and yucky shirts. Then Idk I went to goodwill and tried my luck.Usually my mom went through the electronics and dishes, so did my sister and I.I’ve found so many great stuff and found my style. Comfy simple chique .It so hard to shop in malls , I hate them.98% of my closet is thrifted and I couldn’t be more proud.Now I have to go this week.Glad your”re enjoying nice.I have a final question, would you mind considering on doing a post on tools and sites you use to plan your trips.It would be so helpful.Thank you.


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