Like a girl : Pink suit edition


“Who wants to polish my shoes for a dollar?” he asked, without hesitation, I volunteered. It was almost a routine. My father  would have a meeting in town then put me in charge of choosing his outfit. From his closet, I had an array of monotone earthy looks to choose from. He had stopped wearing colors after his mother passed away.

Although far from a fashionisto, my father had his own fashion rules. Never wear black with brown, Brown pants go well with an Ivory shirt and he preferred his white shirt with black pants. Never go out with wrinkle clothes and a tie should never go past the belt. He also always matched his belt with his shoes. Over the years I’d watch him tediously get ready, I was a master of his rules and would observe him delicately pick all my option all laid out on his bed. He would get dressed and walk around with the elegance of a peacock around his well lit bedroom. I’d pat myself on the back but also wondering why I’d never seen women in suits, and so began my fascination with male attire.


In a recent Refinery29 article I proclaimed my love for suits ” A suit is such a timeless piece. I woman in a suit stands out but anyone in a colorful suit is bound to turn heads.” I could literally wear suits every single day. There are very few stores that sell pants suits but ASOS (although not year round) offers a nice selection of colorful suits.

To be honest a suit can be boring but if you choose your shoes  and accessories wisely, you’ll go places. For this look I chose a regular olive green shirt to compliment the pink, oversized sunnies and a bag made out of vinyl record that I bought on my recent trip to South Africa.







2 thoughts on “Like a girl : Pink suit edition

  1. Mamacax if I didn’t go through your blog today morning , I probably wouldn’t wake up ! You give me so much life ! I love everything about you , your encouragement, your self love , beauty , everything . I just felt so strong after reading your recent articles . What a beautiful way to start the first day of December. Haha my bestie , lots of love !! From Uganda


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