Cape Cod with Kin Travel x IFAW

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On World Ocean’s Day I was in paradise as the sun greeted me in Province town, M.A  near a teal colored VW bus. I’ve often been hesitant to do in-country traveling. Going on vacation only felt like a getaway when I  crossed Oceans. But here I was 250 miles from New York City and this little town in Massachusetts proved me wrong.

Kin Travel and The International Fun for Animal Welfare (IFAW) invited me to Cape Cod for a long weekend of relaxation while learning about IFAW’s work to protect marine mammals. Kin Travel currently curates a couple of  travel experiences around the world however the one in Cape Cod is fitting for someone with very little time looking for a vacation with a purpose. With an intimate group of creatives, we sought out to explore : the perfect balance of a weekend filled with activities and relaxation time.  The first day, everyone woke up at first light to do some yoga while I opted for a slow morning  of stretching in bed.

Our first meeting with IFAW experts was a brutal reminder of how we have not treated this planet with respect and that these organizations don’t get enough funding.  Cape Cod is one of 3 places in the world where whales and dolphins get stranded in masses, which is attributed to the  hook shaped land near the coast  but also sand and mud flats. Sadly, it’s nearly impossible to save every animal that gets stranded. It is often a race against time and/or severe weather for the rescue team to treat the mammals and release them back in the ocean. IFAW’s work doesn’t end there, they constantly patrol the coast to find seals that have been caught in fishermen net or other plastics that wrap around their necks and slowly  strangle them. It is true what they say, not all heroes wear capes, and I got to meet a couple of superheroes. Our time with IFAW didn’t end there as we embarked on a whale watching journey the next day.

I had sworn off group travels but heading to Cape Cod with Kin travel was not only informative but inspired me to find ways to help IFAW in its mission by reducing my use of plastic and pushing my elected officials to support and fund marine mammals.

The rest fo the trip was spent riding bikes, drinking rosé, pop-up beach parties, drinking rosé, slurping fresh oysters, drinking rosé, sunset camping at the sand dunes and more rosé. I ended the trip knowing that I had made some wonderful  friends but even more important a deep sense of responsibility to reduce my foot print and live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. I could tell you more about my trip but I’d rather show you…

*All photographs by Valorie Darling

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