#WhereTo with Uber on my birthday

“How old are you?”a friend asked, I muttered “26..27 wait! I think I’m turning 28” —While most people have new year’s resolution, my personal tradition has always been a “birthday resolution”; Looking back to see what I’ve accomplished , slightly patting myself on the back but most importantly looking to the future and crafting a plan on how to turn my dreams into goals. I guess I can be hard on myself but I find it hard to stay grounded as a creative therefore keeping a list gets the job done. This year, with the help of Uber , I decided to take some time to pamper myself on my big day.

Follow my journey and maybe you’ll be inspired to make your birthday a special one.


I was binge watching Marvel’s Punisher on Netflix so I woke up super late, (sorry, not sorry) I had plans to go to a spa but figured a little DIY was more convenient. A nice charcoal mask for a deep cleanse and a hydrating mask to help repair my skin from the cold dry weather.


Went to the local flower shop to get some more cacti, because why not. I’ve been meaning to decorate my place but until then, I figured a couple of plants will make it look lively.


Met up with my sister for a little shopping in Soho. I was dying to get my hands on a yellow faux fur coat I had spotted just a week ago, but I guess someone else beat me to it.


I get a notification that my car will arrive shortly. As many of you know, with Uber, you use the app to find a ride, once your driver arrives, you make sure his vehicle details match the ones on the app. What I didn’t know was that UberX gives the option to schedule a ride well in advance, so if you’re a procrastinator like me, it’s definitely a vital feature. Wether I give myself 20 min or 1 hour to get ready, I just seem to always be running late.

I’d been in the mood for tacos so my sister and I went to La Esquina, a chic Mexican restaurant near SoHo.

7:00 pm

The biggest thing I wanted to do for my birthday was see the Lion King on Broadway but couldn’t get my hands on some affordable tickets, with a friend’s suggestion, I settled for an Opera show. First and last time I saw an Opera show was summer of 2008 when I lived in Florence, I don’t recall enjoying it but was willing to give it another try, after all one my “birthday resolution” was to try new things.

My Uber driver “Carl” got me to the Metropolitan Opera right on time for the 7:30pm show. I highly recommend “The exterminating Angel”. At the first intermission , I made the acquaintance of a handsome gentleman, his sister got tickets for the show but unfortunately couldn’t make it, but fortunately for me I won a drinking buddy for the night.


My last UberX ride for the day and I fell asleep the whole ride. I always feel guilty for falling asleep because I like to stay alert especially being in a big city like New York, but I always make it a point to send my ETA to my flat mates or sisters.

Tout est bien qui fini bien. Cheers to 28 and hopefully many more. This goes without saying that you don’t have to wait until your birthday to treat yourself , in fact you shouldn’t wait. Treating yourself can be free like a DIY spa or low budget.

There are so many things to be grateful for: this year I was featured in ASOS magazine, Essence, & Glamour then recently got signed by JAG Models, things I could not have imagined. There are still so many things on my list, for instance, before my next birthday I would like to write a children’s book for kids battling cancer and give surfing another try.

I hope you will all keep following my journey.

-Mama Cax

3 thoughts on “#WhereTo with Uber on my birthday

  1. Happy Birthday! You’re almost at the #flirtythirty! I’m hoping your dreams really do become reality for you (and then some) and I can’t wait to read that children’s book!


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