Pastel y Paletas in San Juan, Puerto Rico



In addition to my regular 9 to 5 job I’ve been freelancing as a model and public speaker.For the past 2 Years, a brand that I’ve quickly fallen is love with is Fanm Djanm.  Fanm Djanm in Haitian Creole means strong woman and is owned by Paola Mathé of the blog finding Paola. FanmDjanm is a brand that carries colorful and stylish headwraps. More than a shop, FanmDjanm has become a movement. The brand aims to empower women to be bold and beautiful. FanmDjanm has also utilized several campaigns to donate part of the proceeds to Non profits in Haiti.

Through FanmDjanm, I have met some of the most amazing women in NYC who frankly have become great friends. When FanmDjanm asked me to join them in Puerto Rico for a Spring LookBook shoot I simply couldn’t say no.

With only one day to spare, I spent 17 hours in Puerto Rico, YES 17. I arrived in San Juan where I met up with Paola, Kristia and our friend and Photographer Joey.  Although 17 hours was not enough to savor  the beauty and culture of Puerto Rico, I was able to walk around Old San Juan and share some great moments with my friends.

Check out the pictures below:

Photographer: Joey Rosado

Creative Director: Paola Mathé

Headwrap: Fanm Djanm

Models: Kristia, Mama Cax


We Strolled through the narrow cobblestone streets of Old San Juan admiring the quaint colonial buildings. Every street is filled with brightly colored walls which seem to conceal the secret to happiness.



















We might forget the conversations,but we never forget the amazing people we meet on a journey.



17 hours of laughter, storytelling and sun ended near the coconut vendor. Alas! It was time for me to leave this dreamy place and go back home but the memories will forever be engraved in my heart …and a couple of polaroids 😉


For more pictures visit and make sure to subscribe to their newsletter.

-Mama Cax

5 thoughts on “Pastel y Paletas in San Juan, Puerto Rico

  1. you look amazing,the pastels are beautiful and san juan, wow amazing. Anyways it’s my dream to meet you guys especially you and Paola, the confidence you guys exude is just so inspirational and it makes me just want to go out there and feel confident and beautiful. I’m not sure if you guys will have events in may and June , but I make it my mission to meet you guys this summer. Warned there will be some tears and extreme fan girling.

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  2. Oh MamaCax! These photos and you sharing your story encourage me to say to myself, “I’m gonna do it.” Write, read, travel, grow and watch my life unfold if only we dared to work and do the things we dream of doing and being. Congrats on the joy you find in doing what you enjoy and the ability to do it. Ase to more wonderful experiences! ❤

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