NYFW 2018 w/ Uber

New York Fashion Week is an exciting time for anyone interested in style and fashion. Personally, I enjoy the street style aspect of it. Seeing bloggers and stylists strut their best stuff. And I make the distinction between style and fashion because the former requires creativity and adaptability whereas the ladder simply money. This fashion week was quite interesting as I attended a show, some special events and was a panelist at an event on body positivity and sexual health. I partnered with Uber to show you how I navigated NYFW.

For many events, I often use the economical option either taking public transportation or ride sharing but this time around it was my first time using uberBLACK. A little bit on the luxury side but proved to be beneficial when getting into the shows. Often times, cars are not allowed to stop right in front of the venue , however with uberBLACK I was able to bland in with all the private Vehicles. It offers some similar features as UberX ;the convenience of door to door service, and the shared estimated time of arrival feature which frankly my friends force me to use to prove that I’m in fact near our meeting point.

As our NYFW tradition, I met up with my friend Al, we rarely attend the same shows but we always take the time to meet-up before heading on our separate fashion week adventures.

This season, I kicked off the week with a meeting at the NY Instagram office where I met up with the founders of Alleles Design Studio, the duo who design all my leg covers along with two of their ambassadors. We all headed to the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt museum for the Access+ Ability exhibition where 70 innovative designs, “made by and with people of a wide range of physical, cognitive and sensory abilities”. Among these are 12 alleles covers (1 that I helped design)

Photographed by Tyrell G

Photographed by Tyrell G (@unscripted_moments)

The first show I attended was the Dan Liu Fall/Winter 2018 show. The all women’s ready to wear designer presented his Fall/Winter 2018 collection. A very minimal yet flowerful and colorful collection. Some of the memorable looks were a pale pink trench coat and a flowery Fall coat. All the looks were paired with chic sunglasses by Nectar. The women walked down the runway with sound track from the popular James Bond movies. Liu’s inspiration for this collection was strong and independent women.

It’s often hectic to manage the invites I receive as they tend to fall on the same day. Also keeping in mind that the shows usually start 30-40 min after the official time and only lasts 15 min. Dan Liu’s shows was the only one I attended however I ended the week by serving as a panelist on a body positive and sex health panel. Again with the Help of uberBLACK and using the Dan Liu show as inspiration, I wore a flowery BCBG dress and my favorite silver flatform shoes.

This was my first time on a panel discussing my personal experience with exploring my body and sex, The panel was a diverse group of women (trans, queer, black, disabled, experienced trauma) It was both uplifting and educational. Our society has not done a great job on sex education but it’s never too late to start, so I’ve been thinking about starting a mini series on IG stories where I talk about these issues and even invite guests to share their personal experience.

-Mama Cax

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  1. The way Al accessories her leg is awesome! And that last look is so exquisitely coordinated – the earrings, the print, the swipes of eyeshadow on her brow – fabulous! Both of you also have excellent tastes in coats!

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