Sunshine in a bottle

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 2.52.06 PM

My mother has been collecting perfumes for 30+ years, and if you’ve read my previous fragrance reviews, you know I rave about how she even collects discontinued fragrances. I guess you could say the apple didn’t fall far from tree. My personal little collection is growing and even more excited to introduce you to a new fragrance.

This year, my partnership with Sephora has allowed me  to collect some amazing fragrances and this month I’ve added yet anther gem to my collection- Tom Ford’s Eau de Soleil Blanc is for the dreamers, those who miss summer, those who wished they lived on an island while going through a winter storm, (not to be dramatic) it’s sunshine in a bottle!

I first judge a fragrance by its packaging. They say first, impressions count and it’s no different for a fragrance. It comes in a clear cloudy matte glass bottle with  a reflective gold sticker. The cap even more impressive with an engraved gold plaque.

“Eau de Soleil Blanc embodies a refreshing illumination on private blend Soleil Blanc—bright, crisp, and drenched with sparkling citrus” —the fragrance opens up with a whiff of floral then a smell of coconut. The scent is spicy yet feminine. although crisp and light it does last long (by my account 8 to 9 hrs) it’s easy to see why this is a genderless perfume.

You can purchase it online or in store at Sephora. If you’re feeling generous this holiday Season fragrance are the best holiday gifts. with an array of genderless scents hitting Sephora this season you can’t go wrong when picking a scent for bae, family/friends or coworkers. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 2.52.17 PM

-Mama Cax

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