No country for boring shoes


Can we talk about how hard it is for people with shoe size 10 and up to find heels? I guess women are supposed to be delicate flowers with tiny  feet. For anyone who knows the struggle all too well, I’ve made a list of brands who carry big sizes.

At age 10 I was already wearing size 10 shoes, As she forces my feet down a 9.5 my mother would say “ fòk ou mary on kòdonye wi!” (you need to marry a shoemaker). Back then, I was never into heels or proper shoes so I wore sneakers. However, as I entered my 20’s, my fashionista side came out.  In addition to struggling to find size 12 heels, wearing a prosthesis also limits the kind of heels I can wear:

  • Nothing higher than 3 inches
  • If they are boots , they need to have zippers
  • No thin or toothpick heels

I’m no expert but after 10 years of struggling, here  is a solid list of places to shop for beautiful statement heels.

For the shopper on a budget: 

Payless: Can’t expect to get great quality shoes from them but sometimes you find statement shoes and it’s great for a last minute go-to.

 Zappos and 6pm: have to spend countless hours looking but the prices are decent.

Target: Which I always pronounce with a French accent, (nothing but respect for my president.) you would be surprised by how many cute shoes they have, quality is not the best but for a last minute event, it can be a savior. (the kitten heels below are from Target)

Amazon is a gem if you use the right search term you will find something. I recently bought 4 pairs (red, yellow, blue & orange) of colorful gogo boots, which go up to a size women 16 btw, UNHEARD OF. (pictured below)



Mid price range:

Topshop often has stylish heels , they go up to an 11.5 while ASOS often carries up to a 13 and  both known for a selection of wide shoes.

Banana Republic goes up to a size 12

Nine West: they never have my size in stores so I never bothered checking out their website until recently when I spotted the boots below. Goes up to a 12

Intentionally Blank I stumbled on this brand after I wrote this blog post , so I had to come back and add them, not only do they go up to a 12 but they are super stylish (although minimal)- think two tones, stylish heels, nice flats, edgy boots. I just ordered 4 pairs, will try them and update here.



DSW: if you scroll long enough you will find a couple of statement shoes like the ones I’m wearing in the photograph below.


Shoes from DSW

Able to splurge:

 IRINYC carries several unisex platform shoes, I currently own 2 pairs and I love how comfortable they are.


Miista unfortutaley carries up to a size 11 but I love their minimalist yet statement designs

Shopbop: a third party website that carries several brands

Syro: a  gender neutral shoe brand  created with queer folks in mind. They go up to a size 14 men (16 women)


The real Real, is great for second hand luxury shoes. They carry heels up to a size 13 but they go fast so if you see something jump on it. 

Stuart Weitzman not my top favorite but they carry up to Size 12

Maison Margiela: goes up to a size 11, I’m currently obsessed with their signature Tibi (cow toe) boots in red. Good news is, they have heels for men that go up to a size US men 13 (US women 15) 



Current favorites in size 11

Transparent  Sandals from Zappos come in black or silver up to size 11. Snake skin or white booties from Zappos. These flowery boots are definitely a head turner, whether you’re heading to a sunflower field, road tripping down south or simply Autumning in NYC. These half teal half brown boots and these to-die-for Calvin Klein. These classic pumps, from Miista. And finally anything on Topshop although the sizings are weirs as it looks like they mostly carry half sizes.

I really didn’t have trouble finding size 11 so let’s see some 12+ finds.

Current favorites in Size 12+

These beaut  with 3 1/4 in heels in maroon. These 4 in heels come in black matte, flowery red and fur and guess what?, They go up to a size 13. These Sandals with amazing prints currently have 13. If you have the luxury to splurge or a sugar daddy or two these Balenciaga boots could prob raise the dead. The gogo boots I previously mentioned come in a gazillion colors and go up to a size 16, I think they run a bit small, I bought size 12 and plan on exchanging for 13.

If you can wear heels higher than 3 in, bravo,  you’ll have a wider range to choose from.


  1. Mama ain’t raise no fool so when you shop online, always filter by size, that way you don’t get disappointed.
  2. If you are delusional enough to go shop in stores, don’t waste your time looking around, ask someone who works there what’s  the biggest size they carry, they will probably say 10, say thank you and make a graceful exit.
  3. ALWAYS check the men’s section. They are often more comfortable and if you happen to go to a party, I guarantee no other woman will have the same shoes.
  4. When you finally find your size, don’t overthink, take it and go, you can always return them.
  5. A brand might not have your size on their website but might sell their big sizes through a third party website, so  if you see shoes you like but not in your size google : style name + brand + the size you are looking for.
  6. Don’t. sleep. on. Amazon
  7. If you wear size 12+, look for brands that cater to trans women or make gender neutral shoes or heels for men.
  8. Don’t look for shoes when you need them. Women with big feet don’t have the luxury of going into random stores to find shoes last minute, therefore constantly look online and when you find a gem …refer to tip #4
  9. Don’t be afraid to stop strangers  with big feet and ask them where they got their shoes.
  10. Know your foreign sizing especially  Europe/Italy , UK and France. Several European brands whether it’s ASOS or luxury brands like Gucci and Maison Margiela carry big sizes. Problem is, they always have limited big sizes, by the time you’re googling the size conversion chart, someone has already clicked the purchase button. I know I sound dramatic but if you wear size 12 and up you know everyone your size is just following tip #4

Lastly, if you have some favorite places you get shoes from or more tips, comment them below or on my instagram under the picture announcing this post.

-Mama Cax

3 thoughts on “No country for boring shoes

  1. Thanks for this! I’ve always searched on amazon for size 12+ shoes but I never seem to use the right search terms bc nothing sensible ever comes up! Any advice on terms to search for on amazon?


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