#WhereTo: Interviewing creative women in NYC


Uber is dedicated to creating opportunities for women and supporting equality. I ventured uptown to interview Coco & Breezy, Founders of an eyewear company and Djs—  right after I photographed them in their office, with the convenience to schedule an Uber, I headed uptown near the Lincoln Center to capture Ehlie Luna; a songwriter, singer and makeup artist. Find out how they empower themselves and others but most importantly how do they navigate male dominated careers.

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  1. Women of many talents,  what do you love mostly about what you do?

We love being able to connect and help people in different ways. It’s so much fun to be able to express ourselves through music, art and fashion. Self expression has always been truly important to us, so being able to do that through all of our mediums of art has been very rewarding. Since we have our hands in different areas such as being founders of an eyewear company, producing, Dj’ing and creating art, we are able to emotionally connect with so many different audiences.


  1. Quite recently when you  DJed at “Sway in the morning”,  a guest host made unsettling remarks and tried to reduce you to sexual objects by asking “which one do you wanna hit?” you guy stood your ground and handled the situation with grace. Did you always have the courage to stand your ground in such situations? What advice do you have for other women who have faced and continue to face these situations in a work setting?

Oh man, that was a morning. To be honest, our first thought was to laugh it off and ignore it because that is how we are conditioned. But, we were so fed up and thought you know this is our time to not only stand up for ourselves but to stand up for all of the other women that have been put in these uncomfortable situations. We knew that it could have went 2 ways, we were risking getting kicked off the air for standing up for ourselves or getting backlash from some of the million of listeners that were tuned in. In the moment we were so heated and upset, so I am happy that it came off! We have grown a lot as women and finally found the confidence to stand up for ourselves in these situations. It’s easier said than done to stand up for yourself because we as women have been through so much of this but it’s that time now to speak out.     

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Coco & Breezy Photographed by Mama Cax


3.Being DJs and founders of an eyewear company are careers that are dominated by males how do you guys stay empowered and confident? or how do you empower each other?

Surrounding ourselves with other badass women has kept us empowered and confident. We hang out or attend a lot of awesome dinners & events with badass women and we use those times to all talk about any issues that we are going through.

4.Do you ever get creative block? How do you overcome it?

Yes, most def! Simply stepping away and coming back with a fresh eye is our cure for creative block.



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Ehlie Luna Photographed by Mama Cax

  1. A woman of many talents, where you draw your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from different interactions. I’m very curious about why we all do the things we do. Sometimes I find it in nature or in other kinds of art.

2. Have you encountered setbacks in your industry because of your gender?

Race and gender have always been these lenses thru which my abilities are viewed and historically it hasn’t been favorable,  but I refuse to accept other people’s limitations.

3. When do you feel most empowered?

I feel most empowered when I empower others and when I accomplish a goal. I get so much from those two things.

4. Do you ever get creative block? How do you overcome it? any fun projects you’re working on we should be on the lookout for?

Honestly, I have never experienced a creative block. I almost want to knock on wood. The work of self-analysis is constant. I don’t avoid uncomfortable things and honestly as hard as it gets I think it’s the reason ideas have flowed for me. The other part of this might also be that I’ve learned a certain flow, as well as patience and I don’t try to force creating in one particular way.

5. What are some ways do you think women in the creative field can help empower other women?

I think we have to truly support each other thru actions! It’s not just about wearing the t-shirts and writing the feminist captions. It’s thru what we do for and with or in honor of each other that really counts.

**This post was made in partnership with Uber

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