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Expand the longevity of your clothes and save money X method Confident


I decided to take part in a masters program that takes place in 3 different countries. About 3 months ago I made the big move, I not only had to pack for a year but also for different seasons. My priority was to pack light but this has its disadvantages. Not being able to bring most of my clothes means I’d have to constantly wear & wash my favorite fashion staples  which makes them prone to discoloration.


Sometimes the solution to expanding the longevity of your clothes, lies in the detergent that you use . About 6 months ago, I  discovered method home’s Laundry detergent. I’ve only used the key lime + coconut but I find it great at removing odors and keeping my colors vibrant. method home uses ingredients that come from natural plants and they don’t test on animals.

Here are some tips you can try to expand the longevity of your most precious wardrobe gems.


#FearNoMess with method detergent

1.Cold water  

Using cold water is better for your clothes and the environment.

2. Turn clothes inside out

 Wash your clothes inside out to Prevent them form turning drab.

3. Baking Soda

My grandmother always has baking soda in her fridge , she uses it to brush her teeth, clean her jewelry and do laundry. Mix your detergent with some baking soda (no more than a tablespoon)- it gives your detergent  an extra boost of cleaning power.


4. Line dry                                        

I find that heavy heat ruins my clothes. I think it’s best to line dry. Remember to keep your clothes away from the sun, so finding a shady spot to dry them is best.

To be honest, I hate  doing laundry and adding more steps to my routine doesn’t make it easier but if it keeps my clothes colorful, I don’t have to constantly be buying new ones. I’m all for saving some coins.

-Mama Cax



This post was sponsored by method but all opinions are my own


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