There was a blackout every night for 15 min. I always tried to make it back to my hotel room before the blackout. That night I didn’t pick my social lubricant wisely. A mix of Rhum and sugar cane wine was to blame.
I had walked these streets a thousand times– but with the blackout, every corridor and alley looked the same.
A man stood tall smoking a cigar in the distance. When I approached him he said “I’ve been expecting you, my name is Aldiberto”, seeing my confusion he continued ” you have no idea who you are and I’m here to show you.” There was this strange feel of comfort and familiarity so I followed him. He opened a small wooden door, as we crossed a small corridor, the smoke from his cigar clouded my vision. When we got to the other side of the door, it was magically daylight. Aldiberto handed me a cigar and said ” welcome to Cuba 1968, smoke a little darling , your journey begins now” … Last night I dreamt of Havana.

– Mama Cax


Photographed by Nichole E. Washington

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