6 items to bring on your next trip to Cuba.

1. A Camera + good camera bag

Take in all the beautiful moments but don’t forget to capture them as well. I travel with a Canon 60D paired with a 50mm lens. If you travel with a DLSR and want to not only keep it safe but travel in style the Lo & Sons camera bag is a must. It has enough space for your camera and one additional lens plus space to store 2 SD card, you’ll thank me later.


2. Bathing suit

A couple of people have asked me if I’m such an advocate for body positivity why do I always wear high waisted bathing suits. Body positive to me means being comfortable in your body, taking care of it and accepting the end result. In my everyday attires I always look for comfort. Comfort to me still means hiding some of my scars. I recently found Flagpole swimwear and their bathing suits are minimalist, stylish and sporty. Cuba can get really hot and humid so don’t leave without a beach day.


3. Hat/Headwrap

I don’t have to tell you about protecting yourself self from the sun. You’ll find countless sombreros on the beach in Cuba. If you’re looking for something more versatile like  headwraps, let FanmDjanm be your one stop shop.

4. Sunnies & sun screen

YES!!! sunscreen for black and brown folks as well. You’ll be out in the sun for most of he day so it’s not only important to hydrate but make sure to take care of your skin. Don’t wait until you get to Cuba to get these items. Target is my go to place for sunscreen I usually go for Neutrogena 70+ SPF. For sunnies, I like going to China town for some $5 sunglasses, that way I don’t feel guilty about buying 5 pairs and even less guilty if I lose them wile traveling. Shop Ban.do also has some very stylish sunnies.

5. Perfume

For a short trip to Cuba a carry-on will suffice and with the liquid restriction I foudn the perfect solution. for a decent price. “Le Labo” has boxes of 5 or 15 sample perfumes,a scent for every adventure.


6. Your favorite snacks

The food in Cuba was a great disappointment for me not enough spices or salt. Cuba is not at all at fault, due to rationing and the embargo Cubans had limited ingredients to cook with for decades and it seems like this may have altered their palette. for some foreigners, it may taste perfectly fine but I grew up in the Caribbean and enjoy West African, Thai and Indian food, the food in Cuba just didn’t cut it for me. if you are slightly concerned that this might be the case for you, bring your favorite snacks. (granola bar, nutella, etc)

-Mama Cax

2 thoughts on “6 items to bring on your next trip to Cuba.

  1. I rememeber drooling over your head wraps and hats on insta.I would love to go to cuba it’s on my never gonna happen list, but life suprises you.The culture is so beautiful and It would be fun to practice the spanish I’ve been learning on the side.Plus maybe get my salsa on.


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