Rules of layering in the winter.


I don’t think I have any real winter outfits. I basically layer my summer and fall items to stay warm in the winter.

Layering is the act of wearing multiple article of clothing. It can sometimes look “hoboish” but when executed well can be very stylish.What I like about layering is that there are very few rules. Personally I abide by 3.

Rule 1.

Keep it simple- Layering in itself makes a statement so I think keeping the colors simple with very little print is best

For this look I started off with a navy blue cow neck poncho from Zara.




Rule 2.

You won’t be able to fit a t-shirt over a poncho so be smart and wear your thiner items before the thick ones. Being stylish in the winter is great but being stylish AND warm is even better.

I wore the navy poncho over a beige sweater, dark navy culotte w/ flat& comfy sneakers and a white Jacket. Accessories can make or break your outfit. For this very casual outfit I accessorized with

-a simple brass squared pendant from Sora Designs

-a lavender bag 

-& a light pink snapback




Navy Poncho sweater- Zara

Navy Culotte- Uniqlo

Pink Culotte- Uniqlo

Prosthetic Leg Cover- Alpine by Alleles


Me & Al Malonga (fashion stylist) photographed by Joseph Rosado

Rule 3.

Make sure that your outfit can go from casual to classy and vice versa. Whether it is by changing just one article of clothing or removing one.

To go from casual to classy I simply removed the poncho and switched the navy culotte to pink ones. The light, simple, monochromatic look works really well in the winter.


Classy enough to go out at night even when paired with sneakers.

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Well…this is my two cents

& remember rules are meant to be broken. If you bought it with your hard-earned money and you like the way it looks on you wear it & rock it.

-Mama Cax

Photos: Joseph Rosado

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